Devil in the Details

Operation Urban Eyes
The Shakedown Cruise

Briefing: We have received word that the New York City branch of MacroTech has been engaging in backroom deals with the NSR. The United States government wants to know just what those deals entail. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to infiltrate one of their meetings, assess the situation, and neutralize any threat to US interests.

Fortunately, we know where these meetings are taking place. The MacroTech executive, Edmund West, has been meeting with an unknown contact at a restaurant in the embassy district called Café Balalaika. We know this place to be a front for the KGB. It is of vital importance that we remain undetected there. If the Russians discover that their cover is blown, US Intelligence will have to expend an awful lot of resources to find their new front, and that will not make them very happy.

Act 1: The team needs to find out when the meeting is taking place, they determine that their best bet is to study West’s schedule. Delacroix decides to speak to his network of informants for more information. He has a guy on the inside in the embassy district called Daniel Polska. Delacroix has him go apply for a job at the café.

Meanwhile, Henrietta attempts to hack into the café’s network, looking for security system information. She finds a simple web site, it’s wordpress, and she figures out how to hack it, insert some malicious code, and bust into the server, and finds an email server. She searches through the email, using the tern macrotech, it returns no results.
She then searches for Edmund West. She finds an email that was mistakenly sent on the wrong mail server, stating that West has agreed to meet Mr. Negerov next week. They bring this to Father, who finds out he’s a high ranking KGB operative.

They continue gathering intel, Michelle has Polska keep an eye out for West. He sees West in the café, and overhears that Negerov is going to be back in town on Thursday.

The group decides to set up intensive surveillance on the café. There is a hotel a couple of blocks away with a view of the place. They do some research and find out there is a sewage issue in that part of town, so they opt to masquerade as a work crew, and listen in on the café, while Delacroix enters the restaurant.

They spot diesel outside the café talking to negerov, and they mention getting “it” to the embassy Friday by 8AM. After a while, mr west shows up. Delacroix heads into the café. They overhear that the prototype will be picked up at 6AM at the Macrotech headquarters.

As Delacroix goes to leave, he is accosted by one of the KGB agents, who asks to speak to him in the back. Delacroix sheds his tear away suit, and makes a run for it amid a hail of gunfire. The group attempts to escape, and one of the construction workers hired for cover jumps into the van and tries to drive off with henrietta. She judo-chops him in the neck, knocking him out. He slumps over the van and it caroms off into a light pole. Stones snags some tear gas grenades from under the van, and uses them to cover their escape. Mr. X meets the crew, and takes them back to the hideout.

Check that, they go to Mr. Wests home. His family appears to be home, and from their wifi router, it seems he is home as well. The decide to let the family dog loose as a means to gain access to Mr. West. It works, and they kidnap him. They interrogate him and find out what he was selling to the Russians and why. He was getting fired from macrotech and opted to sell a piece of decryption equipment to them. He also admitted the machine wasn’t fully functioning.

The group decides to go disrupt the courier after he picks up the prototype, until they realize the courier is the legendary mercenary, Diesel.

A Mission From God
Getting the Band Together

It was a day like any other…

Henrietta sat on her bunk, contemplating her situation. It had been years since she escaped the insanity of her home, and buried herself in her work for NATO. She had learned so much, and had become one of the finest minds in the field of cyber-security. However, her tour of duty was coming to an end, and she would soon have to return to the life she hated.

She was startled from her revelry by a polite cough. She looked up and saw a handsome, older man. He had a snow white beard, neatly trimmed, and close-cropped white hair. He wore an impeccably tailored suit, and carried himself with serene confidence. He offered her a warm, grandfatherly smile, and introduced himself. The name he gave was ‘Father’.

‘Father’ told Henrietta that he knew of her difficult situation, and that he could offer her a way out. She was skeptical, but desperate. After a brief discussion he


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