Henrietta the Hacker


Concept: Hacker/Gadget Maker


  • Force: 2
  • Grace: 2
  • Will: 3
  • Wits: 3


  • Power: 5
  • Passion: 3
  • Action: 7
  • Tech Points: 3

Research – I love to figure out how to make something or see how something works.

Fear – Bombs, I will hit them with a hammer.

Loyalty – While family is important, I am loyal to doing the right/moral thing.

Mad-Hacker: 3
Meager Jogger: 1
Kick Ass Judo Master: 1
Gadget Maker/Tinkerer: 1


Life has never been easy for me. I escaped in computers, mainly because there was no right and wrong, only 1’s & 0’s. After growing up in a really harsh environment, I got an offer to train with NATO, and offered a position in their tech group. Given my deteriorating home situation, my dad pushed me to go, so I left. It was for 2 years, but my dad expected me to come home afterwards. My 2 years with NATO allowed me to learn a lot more about missions, and hack even tougher systems. I never played the politics, and they just didn’t like when I would show them they had poor security, by hacking it. I was trying to show them their loop-holes, but no matter how hard I worked or tried, I could never get promoted or get any of the good missions to work on. Moments were coming up that I was not looking forward to, my tour of duty was about to finish, and there was no where left to go, but back home….

Henrietta the Hacker

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