Devil in the Details

A Mission From God

Getting the Band Together

It was a day like any other…

Henrietta sat on her bunk, contemplating her situation. It had been years since she escaped the insanity of her home, and buried herself in her work for NATO. She had learned so much, and had become one of the finest minds in the field of cyber-security. However, her tour of duty was coming to an end, and she would soon have to return to the life she hated.

She was startled from her revelry by a polite cough. She looked up and saw a handsome, older man. He had a snow white beard, neatly trimmed, and close-cropped white hair. He wore an impeccably tailored suit, and carried himself with serene confidence. He offered her a warm, grandfatherly smile, and introduced himself. The name he gave was ‘Father’.

‘Father’ told Henrietta that he knew of her difficult situation, and that he could offer her a way out. She was skeptical, but desperate. After a brief discussion he



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